Proof that a good idea can indeed be destroyed in its execution, the scented candle often misses the mark on producing a pleasant olfactory experience—almost to the point of inducing nausea in me. With so many high-street stores offering candles concocted from synthetic scents and, worse still, chemically based waxes, it is no surprise that generally I would avoid them.

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Until, that is, I discovered the charms of Cire Trudon in Paris. With a long history behind them Cire Trudon’s business was revived in 2007 and now offers a wonderful range of both scented and non scented wax creations. Almost all of the 20 scented candles on offer are set in the most beautiful of dark green glass jars, each with a classically inspired gold foil label. The waxes used are totally natural, and are I believe, based on a mixture of copra (from coconut) and soya – the wicks are made of natural cotton. 

Perhaps it is due to my memories of Catholic junior school, that I am drawn to the candles aptly named ‘Carmélite’ and ‘Spiritus Sancti’. The last being my all-time favorite, and presented here. A cocktail of vivid incense [frankincense] with a hint of lily of the valley, the candle immediately reminds me of altar candles and smoking censers swung during church services.

monsieur jerome

A perfect partner to their handsome candles are their oversized timber matches presented in a range of cardboard boxes each with a witty illustration! 

– Albano

 Credit Photo: Albano


Albano is a very talented and accomplished architect, interior and furniture designer. His work speaks for itself: detail oriented, holistic and elegant design. His taste level is probably the most refined i’ve ever seen. Based in Singapore, Albano has a love affair with Paris, London and Antwerp, visiting every museum, designer store, bookstore (and bakery) he can. So i’m more than happy to have him part of Monsieur Jerome. He’ll be presenting his favorite products every now and then. You can see his work here: