ALBANO: m0851

m0851 is one of those quietly achieving, little known, brands that seems to constantly skirt around the frenzied fashion circle hungering for the new. I discovered them years ago in their small store in Paris and since then have been lucky enough to have traveled to Canada frequently, where their design and production studios are based, over east, in Montreal.

From this unassuming cloud of obscurity they produce a range of leather goods, accessories and outerwear that is all at once approachable, classic and understated. Objects that don’t scream fad or Fendi and that eschew, religiously, nonsensical decoration. You won’t find bags with bells and whistles here, but rather wallets, totes and coats in the most natural of leathers that are designed to last and seem to actually improve with age.

monsieur jerome

Pictured here are a pair of their one-sided zipper pocket wallets. Offered in various sizes, and colours of course, I love how they can work in a team like Matryoshka dolls, one sliding into another. As someone who always seems to be carting around everything AND the kitchen sink, I’ve built up a collection of these along with their bags.

These all work together perfectly in what my dear friend, Mylene, has termed “The Mother-ship” theory. The Mother-ship being the various bags or totes we cart around, whilst the ‘the Shuttles’ are the smaller pockets or wallets that house our every-day essentials [such as keys/pens/sketch-pads/ bus tickets/lip balm] – making the transfer of these smaller items from one bag to another possible in one time-saving action!

To be honest, I usually have more than one shuttle at the ready for moving about in either of my bags or suitcases . From home to studio or jetting long haul they’ve become an essential part of my travel kit.

– Albano





Photo credit: Albano