I was looking for another photographer when I stumbled on Marton Perlaki’s surrealist picture of the eye hold by two hands. It had something very soothing (the light, the baby blue) while being slightly scary (the fingernails, the eye). It was enough to trigger my curiosity and start looking for more info. Born 1982 in Budapest, Marton Perlaki discovered photography by accident, helped by a friend who convinced him to try. Seduced by the magic of the camera and the idea of capturing one moment (as opposed as films, his original training), he pursued in that direction. After attending the Bàlint György Press Academy (with a major in photojournalism) and Budapest University of Theater and Film Studies, where he graduated with a master’s degree in cinematography in 2011, Marton moved to NY in 2012 to expand his commercial work (already started in Europe for a few brands including Wooyoungmi) and some editorial projects.
Marton Perlaki’s visual language is based on diptych, irrational situations, contrasts and tensions. You can feel the possible loss of balance, of rules, of space. There is this feeling of fragility and impermanence.
His photographs reminds me some of Man Ray’s work and also the Dadaism with this constant injection of dream in real situations. There is nothing provocative or political but the desire to force us to question our environment and redefine the boundaries between reality and dream.
All images courtesy of the photographer.
Marton Perlaki is represented by Webber Represents.
His first book, Elemer, is out.