Aime Leon Dore is to NYC what AMI is to Paris, a collection of revisited and smart essentials that we were dying to have but never really got.
Founded in January 2014 by Queens-born designer Teddy Santis, ALD is articulated around a series of key pieces (tees, hoodies, track jackets and pants, chinos, baseball vest, coach and bomber jackets) all remixed each season in different colorways and structures. The magic operates thanks to a delicate but firm point of view adding new staples like this kimono jacket, to a subtle color palette (often unexpected for a streetwear label) and also to a great sense of layering.
Looking at the pictures, you can easily sense how effortless the collection is and where is coming from. There is a desire to edit down, create the perfect wardrobe and collect influences from different horizons whether it’s NYC/ LA for their streetwear obsession, Japan for this purity and layering and of course Europe for its craftsmanship, fabric, colors and sportswear heritage (Reebok and Adidas, mostly from the 70s and early 80s).
In times where streetwear brands are all about being hype, logocentric and oversized, I particularly like Teddy Santis’s designs, more attached to translate his vision and make his clothes accessible than being just about his name.

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