I’m having an AMI moment. Not that I’m especially missing motherland and the “baguette – camembert – beret” combo but mostly because AMI, amongst some other cool brands (i.e. Officine Generale, Harmony, M.R. Edition), have successfully recreated this Parisian cool and effortless chic like no other labels, particularly high fashion brands more obsessed nowadays with loud or bling bling designs (Gucci, Givenchy, Saint Laurent,…).
So what about this AMI moment? Well, it’s this subtle accumulation of vintage patterns, stripes and plaids that my dad used to wear, all remixed and updated with those cool colors, applied to the right pieces and using the right fabrics. Part of it is a smart take on current trends (the Grandpa look) but the rest is a desire to reshape our wardrobes with new staples, some forgotten and some revisited. This recipe gives us this cool collection of striped short sleeve shirt, oversized jackets and pants, track jackets and pants, long v-neck cardigan and 70s inspired tank top. All effortless and ridiculously tempting.