I’m always amazed seeing brands evoluting, especially the ones that I’ve covered almost since day one. It’s important to remind how difficult it is to live or survive in this industry, to keep a consistent point of view and maintain excitement. Chapter does it very well in its very particular way. Mixing the romantic dark times of the 80s (Joy Division) and American streetwear, Chapter has constantly delivered slick collections. The new season pursues that same quest while, for the first time, visiting a more delicate side. A muted color palette of light greens and playful floral prints are delicately introduced breaking the usual charcoal and dark tones. The shirts and pants, influenced by the late 50s and early rock n roll years, are softer, wider, shaping a new silhouette. The core of the collection remains the same with its classics oversized washed shirts and tapered pants but with more details (embroideries, contrast panels, waistline).