Often dubbed as the new Acne for its forward thinking design and unusual silhouettes, CMMN SWDN has slowly but surely established a particular voice in the menswear world. First launched in 2012 by London College of Fashion and Saint Martins alumni Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund, CMMDN just recently moved its studio from Malmo to London to expand and present its collections during LFW. While the move was surely strategic, it actually reflects what CMMN has become, a new designer collective perfectly translating unorthodox trends (fabrics, color palettes, fits) into cool and powerful looks.
Influenced by everything Americana, their new SS17, legitimately called Market Rodeo, revisits classic staples (cowboy shirt, stripes, biker jacket, high waisted pants,…) and embraces New Mexico’s color palette (pink, ochre, red,…).