There is always a scent of romance and Parisianism in Editions M.R., nothing overly bourgeois or cool, between casual and grown-up, chic but modern. I’ve in mind this dandy, walking on the streets of Belleville, smoking and daydreaming, maybe on his way to see that special one met the night before or maybe just going for a drink with his best friend.You can also see the Belmondo and Delon, heroes of the 60s, are haunting the collection, half mentors, half brothers.
Boheme is there as well, maybe emphasized by this little 70s revival (the color palette, the oversized high waisted pants, certain color or patterns combinations) or by the natural nonchalance (without the classic Parisian insolence). We definitely see the Editions M.R. guy as well-mannered and sweet.
Besides the few exotic patterns here and there, this collection is very uneventful. I mean in a good way as I think we can’t really wear the eccentricities seen lately on the runways. Pragmatism has always been a French thing and Editions M.R. embraces it well.