Sparkly yellow flyers used as street sign, a delicious smell of food, a few plants here and there, discret displays, a small table where a cute nerd was djing, it was clear that walking into Everybody’s first pop-up store in Chinatown wasn’t like any other store experience. You could also see that Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, Everybody’s founders and former creative minds behind American Apparel, wanted a store free of any specific branding or rigorist merchandising.

It was just midday but the store was already packed with people chatting, some gathered around the food counter tasting Chef/Dj/writer Kiki’s probiotic-rich bento breakfast while others were discussing her versatile and quirky little black dress. Downstairs, artists Mayan Toledano and Julia Baylis were getting ready for the opening of their installation that same night. Back upstairs, Caroline and Iris were all busy explaining their newly launched trash t-shirt, designed in house and made from a post-industrial recycled cotton jersey (and already getting stellar reviews by Vogue and co.).
They realized, after American Apparel starting downsizing last year, that AA’s workers and talents had still so much to offer. Free from any engagement, they decided to team-up with a mill in South Carolina to create this t-shirts series (3 different fits) using post-production waste. They quickly extended the concept turning Everybody into a project inviting friends and non-designers to create their piece using their cotton (or eco-friendly materials) or even home products like this snake-shaped oversized pillow by art collector Jean Pigozzi.
After finishing my tour, I asked Carolina what was their future, she looked at me with a big smile “we don’t really know. Our website remains our base. We can open a new pop-up tomorrow in a hotel room for just two days, maybe the back of a trunk on the beach in Los Angeles. We want Everybody to be free of any physical or corporate constraint and offer a unique and entertaining experience to our partners but also costumers”.
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