We didn’t see that one coming, not because they look radically different (at least on paper) or navigate into two different universes, but because luxury sportswear never really translated very well so far. Looking closer you realize that Missoni and Pigalle actually share an affinity for diversity, an appreciation for nonconformity and color. Filtered through Pigalle’s 90s hip hop obsession, the collection presents eclectic, nonchalant put-together pieces, and intertwined with Missoni’s heritage and original luxury knitwear. Missoni revisited the past using archive fabrics, dating back between 1985 and 2010, which have been artfully reworked into triangular patchwork fabrics and used for a selection of Pigalle’s most iconic pieces giving to this capusle collection a contemporary and urban feel.

Available later this April exclusively at Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in Ginza, and Pigalle stores.