This is an unexpected comeback especially after those long months celebrating Air Force 1 and the new Vapormax. The Nike Shox, first released in 1997 before expanding in the early 2000, is, like many Nikes, a performance shoe made to increase athletes performances.
It then became a staple for the Nike community with, as always, new countless iterations. Surprisingly, it never completely became as popular as the Air Max series, slowly disappearing less than ten years after its launch. A few models were successfully released here and there. I especially loved the Nike Shox tlx mid (last model in the second slideshow) from three years ago (I have a pair).

Decades before Shox was released in commercial footwear, the project started with this contraption engineered by Bruce Kilgore. The first Shox basketball shoe, the Shox BB4, was designed by Eric Avar. This is an original sketch of the shoe.

The team behind the first generation (Aaron Cooper, Greg Thompson and Brian Farris) decided to revise the Shox the same way it was born using DYI techniques and experimenting themselves at Nike’s world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The 2018 edition was built around a new technology, the Nike Shox Gravity, offering a streamlined heel and flyknit upper for better comfort and lightness. “We’ve created an amazing underfoot experience combined with great fit and containment in the upper,” says Thompson.