If Andy Warhol had kids, they would be Roberto Piqueras and W.I.A.. These designers have embraced our pop culture and digital world like no others, creating fantasy world inspired collections.
Based in London, Roberto Piqueras’s work epitomizes perfectly this Punk meets 90’s revival seen in the UK, NYC and Tokyo’s streets. His creations are a mind blowing acid trip packed with psychedelic collages, digital printed pop symbols, internet icons, color blitz and photoshop interventions. W.I.A.’s pieces, while using similar techniques, are more cosmic and naive with flowers and Ganesh visuals.
The two designers also share a unique talent for mixing sportswear with street wear. Leggings, shorts, oversized t-shirts, sport jackets, caps, running sneakers are  essential elements of both of their collections. I’m totally obsessed with these “transgender” pieces, finding them visually bold. I’m sure that we will see more of them next year.

Roberto Piqueras