NOW: Y-3 SS17

This new Y-3 collection is really good. I’m not saying that because the previous ones weren’t but because I had the chance to attend the runway last June in Paris and see this long immaculate installation very Kubrick’s “2001, A Space Odyssey”. Discovering live always makes a difference and confirmed that Yohji Yamamoto makes futuristic inspired clothes like no one.

Each piece was a savvy mix between technical fabrics (nylon, neoprene,..), original fits (tailoring meets sportswear), nomads meet monks (capes, layers, oversized silhouette), and Mars exploration concepts (masks and neoprene suits). None of these felt and looked overworked and are now amazingly translating into casual pieces.

The new footwear collection is frankly excellent, flirting again with this sci-fi theme or reprising some of the Y-3 classic styles.