There is this sticker at the beginning of the video that says “Boss”. While we don’t really know the exact meaning of it, it surely describes well Raf’s current situation between his acclaimed collections for Calvin Klein, the expansion of his namesake line and of course this ongoing Fred Perry collaboration. Even since moving to the US about a year ago, Simons has been revisiting CK archives and absorbing NY’s energy. You can see it with this new collection introducing a more streetwear aesthetic with these playful bicolor lines or contrasts. Muted colors (black, grey, beige, dark orange, navy blue) accentuate this urban take. We can also see here and there Raf’s current obsession for the 70s with this orange and green accents, stripes and turtleneck, and of course the treatment of this promotional video paying homage to Andy Warhol’s screen test videos he was doing with his friends.