How does it feel to run a menswear blog for one year with already so many talented street style photographers and bloggers around? Well, it’s a bit weird actually, and I even feel lonely sometimes to be honest.
Coming from Paris, I started Monsieur Jerome in total naiveté with regard to what menswear was about in the US, the superstars (buyers, bloggers, stylists) and how the business functioned (still figuring it out actually). I knew for sure that street style was getting bigger, even for guys, and whatever I decided to do, I needed to be true to myself and not follow any rules.
I was also assuming, with only few menswear magazines on the market, that creativity and originality would be the key for a good blog. I still don’t know if it’s being European, having an artistic and quite liberal education, or just being different, but most of street style I was seeing was an updated version of Gentry magazine). I had to start fresh, and with my own “foreign” point of view.
Shooting elegant men during trade shows and fashion weeks can be compared with being in a candy store. It’s yummy, sour, unique and with a guaranteed sugar rush. In a word, it’s Heaven. Meanwhile, shooting outside the official events means to me showcasing a different man, someone willing to take risk, someone able to embrace tradition, but most importantly someone with a contemporary aesthetic.
A friend asked me recently why I’ve been posting such extreme looks lately. The reason is simple. My mission, beyond hunting coolness, and being curious, is to prove that some people are innovative. These looks are obviously not for everyone but I’m sure they can and will be influencers in some ways.
Menswear has evolved thanks to countless creative designers – we can all agree on that – but please, we need to look forward. Role models are in the streets, and as always, others have yet to be created, but hopefully not repeated. The magic of street style and having new designers is to capture an evolution and show a new path.


“Turning one” is also the perfect moment to set the record straight on few points.
“Why don’t you post more pictures of you in different looks? You’ll probably attract more followers and it’d be easier to get sponsored”.
I’m sorry, but this is not what all of this is about. Although I’m using my first name as my blog’s name, this project is not about me but rather about what is now relevant and what you might like.
I also get questions all the time on how much money I get when I feature products or brands. Well, I don’t get money from the brands nor the stores. And since I’m not BFF with magazine or website editors and PR agencies, I don’t get invited by brands or receive gifts, thus my opinion is completely objective.
Having a blog gives me exposure and thus the opportunity to write for magazines, photo shoot for several websites and write trends reports for a NYC based company. That’s how I make money.
So obviously, it’s frustrating sometimes to remain “unsponsored” but keeping your trust and seeing my follower base growing day after day makes me really happy. I’m really grateful to have so much attention. Thank you!